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a cliche of a cliche of a cliche

August 14, 2008
*note: I'm copying journal entries from another site here so that they aren't lost forever.

So I realized this evening, that I'm 'that girl'.. yeah.. you know exactly what I mean, don't play stupid (it doesn't suit you).

I'm sitting in Starbucks, in a giant purple squishy chair, my bare feet curled underneath me.. in a quippy t-shirt that references song lyrics from a really shitty old song (my FAVORITE t-shirt actually).. my triple venti (you'd have to guess what I drink) coffee sitting on the table beside me as I write in my notebook.. with my ipod playing Radiohead.. and a Chuck Klosterman book sitting underneath my coffee. No need to mention the now obligatory (for a 20-something chick who hangs out in a coffee bar) tattoo and general appearance of disdain for anyone not doing the 12 things that I'm doing at once.. but I realized rather suddenly that I'm 'that girl'... I'm the 'indie' girl.. WHAT THE FUCK?!

And then I realized that I'm NOT that girl at all.. I'm aspiring to BE that girl.. because really it's all a fluke.. and I'll explain why.

1. I JUST discovered that I liked Radiohead about three months ago.. seriously.. I've always known of Radiohead.. but I just found out that I dig them...

2. The giant tattoo on my wrist morphed from a much smaller tattoo into what it is now because of the need to cover up a poor decision (ah.. such is life!)

3. I have no excuse for the writing at Starbucks..

4. I discovered Chuck Klosterman like.. a minute ago.. well not literally, but I was shown a couple of his books by Amazon after reading Laurie Notaro's books as well as Love is a Mixtape.. so I checked him out, liked his style and then caught his books at B&N the other day on a buy two get the third FREE table.. so I bought three of his books...

5. I have no excuse for the t-shirt either.. I love that damn t-shirt..

So amidst this realization of what kind of girl I appeared to be.. I realized that I have an addictive personality. I mention all of the time about how I can obsess over a song or a band or a cd for quite some time and then move on to the next, etc. etc. but this really applies to more than just music...

I've read 5 of Louise Erdrich's books this year.. yes, this year. I will finish 3 of Klosterman's books by the end of the month.. and if I find a pair of jeans that I like, I buy 2 pairs... you know.. in case I step on the bottoms of one of the pairs and they start to look all raggedy.. which ends up happening to both pairs anyway because I always buy my jeans too long.. and now I'm rambling.

Anyway, I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I'm just saying that I tend to know what I like.. and then want it in excess.. well now that I put it that way it definitely doesn't seem like a positive attribute.

Oh well....

Now to distract everyone from that I'd like to randomly point out that I cannot stand U2.. and Bono in particular.

Thank you and that is all for now.

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